Who We Are

Welcome to Eagle Construction & Trading; Louisville, Kentucky’s premier general contractor specializing in Structural Foundation & Framing, Flatwork, Concrete Construction as well as complete or partial property. With generations of contracting and general constructions experience being the guiding force behind our success, we’ve embraced the notion that our hard work and diverse skill set will not only pay the bills but actually provide a valuable service, geared towards giving back to Louisville, KY community.

Harkening back to our skill set diversity, we specialize in a wealth of commercial and/or residential construction services: concrete construction, wood/metal framing & design, and complete-coverage property remodeling. By taking a proactive approach to your project from the outset, we are able to ensure it progresses from each phase smoothly and promptly. We handle all facets of the construction process - scoping, design, material procurement, permitting, construction and finally inspections. When you hire us on to oversee a construction project, you’re guaranteed to receive our utmost attention to detail, professional cost & material management, and a locally owned and operated family company that stands behind our work: offering a one year warranty on select services in addition to any manufacturer or supplier warranties!

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Construction Layout

With something as instrumental to your structure’s integrity as it’s framework is, it’s in every client’s interest, be they commercial or residential clients, to hire on a licensed professional to affect any framing designs and construction. Conversely, tracking down a company that can accommodate all of your needs and is affordable, has always proven to be a daunting task until now! We combine our years of commercial and residential “framework design” and construction experience with the Eagle Construction & Trading way of doing things to ensure your property’s structure is solidly framed and built to last. By providing our world-class designs and framing services at such affordable rates, we are equipped to assist a broader range of clientele, who would otherwise be reduced to a DIY enterprise or hiring on a less experienced general contractor. For Eagle Construction & Trading to best process your project request, we ask that you contact us at your convenience to schedule your complimentary consultation and on-site assessment. Our specialists are available during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) Monday through Saturday and are available via email for any after-hours requests.

Concrete Construction

Any structure, regardless of size, shape, dimension or location, all have at least one thing in common and that they require: a foundation. The foundation of your home, business office or industrial structure is essential to not only the aesthetics of your property but to its longevity and overall serviceability as well. Foundation slabs or fresh pours are just one example among many of the concrete services our experts at Eagle Construction & Trading offer as an integral part of any new or existing construction project. In addition to foundation scoping, pouring, grading and leveling, we also offer prefabricated slabs and professional retaining wall construction, per customer request. We use only the highest grade of concrete products; from quickset concrete to project-specific aggregates being added to achieve the desired result - this allows our crews to optimize the job’s materials and budget responsibly. Be sure to inquire about what discounts your project might qualify for, i.e., military, senior, government official, new client, referral, etc.!

Rebar & Reinforcing Steel

Rebar & Reinforced Steel Primarily used as a means to strengthen a concrete structure, rebar, and reinforced steel is an essential component during any construction process. With our years of experience here in Louisville, KY and genuine desire to become the area’s “go-to” for all concrete & construction needs, you can rest assured that when you hire our experts here at Eagle Construction & Trading, you’re hiring the best of the best.
Rebar Estimates As with any commercial, residential, or industrial project, the budgeting and estimation phase is something that should be highly emphasized and always addressed.
Rebar Detailing Ranging from rendering and plan sets, our expert designers here at Eagle Construction & Trading are skilled at mapping your structure efficiency and easy-to-apply designs.
Rebar Fabrication All rebar and reinforced steel we are responsible for providing have been tested against flaws and compromises to ensure your structure is safe, sound, and secure.
Rebar Placement A part of any strategy for designing and constructing a worthy structure is the proper placement of the structure’s rebar, reinforced steel, and building pad - be sure to hire the best!

Concrete Structural Foundation

After the framework of your property is constructed and has passed any coding requirements, the next step is the ensure the overall quality of the framework will support utilities before we begin hanging drywall and/or sheetrock. With our detailed blueprint on hand, we are able to accurately predict the amount of materials will be needed as well how long each stage of construction will take. Our gaps are always cleanly blended to create a smooth, seamless wall that has the appearance of one solid piece.

Site Assessments

Identifying and surveying a job site’s terrain is imperative if you want the entire construction project to progress smoothly and with minimal hiccups. Having a licensed professional is key to mapping out the area accurately and thus pinpointing any problem areas that may potentially become an issue at a later phase of construction. One of the benefits of hiring our specialists is the sole fact that our company is locally owned and operated: we are familiar with the ins and outs of the local region and are skilled at adapting where necessary.